Doctor, lawyer, nurse or scientist. Teacher, webmaster, architect or stock broker. When you’re a high school sophomore, your career options seem endless – and probably bewildering.

Our Annual Career Day for Pelham Memorial High School sophomores provides a chance for students to attend workshops on different career paths. Small groups of students meet with representatives from various fields who describe their real-life responsibilities, skills and opportunities for growth.
Career day is an innovative program that reaches out to the professionals in the community to share their job and career insights with the students. New York State officials have acknowledged the program as an example for other career days to follow.

The goal is to increase students’ awareness of occupations within their specific field of interest and to break down stereotypical misconceptions.

Each year the Civics and the PMHS Counseling Department sponsor this event, which typically includes more than 50 residents and alumni meeting with students.

The Civics believes that such volunteerism can provide students an opportunitiy to be exposed to role models who will help them learn to network socially, occupationally, and educationally. We present situations and events where students can meet people who can offer guidance with unlimited future lifelong benefits.

The network of professionals who have participated in our Sophomore Career Awareness days over the years has provided invaluable advice and direction to Pelham Memorial High School students.

For more information, please contact Tim Fisher at 914-473-6368.