Pelham Civics Celebrates 30 Years of Summer Olympics!


(June 13, 2017 – Pelham, NY)  In the true sense of the "Olympic Spirit" the Pelham Civic Association hosted its 30th Summer Olympics Day on Saturday June 3rd at Glover Field In Pelham. A huge turnout from Kindergarten through the 5th Grade flocked the entire field and participated in organized fun activities and competitive events, with exuberant camaraderie and friendship, all supervised by the Pelham Civic Summer Olympics Committee and its volunteers.

According to Scott Brown, Chairman of the Pelham Civic Association's Summer Olympics Committee, "Mother Nature teased with us again this year, with cloudy skies, wind and a light rain as we arrive for set-up.  The weather forecasts weren't promising, but we decided to go-ahead and get ready for the event, and by the time we were hit with an influx of people, the weather suddenly changed.  Thanks to the volunteers who helped us from the Civics, the Jr. League, PMHS and the PMS, everything went smoothly.  The kids went from game to game, and ended the day on the waterslide. The smiles on the faces of the kids and their parents as they left Glover Field demonstrated to all of us that they had a great time and that it was all worth it.  We also had a great time."

Activities and amusements, which continued from 9am through 12, included Tug-Of-War, Sack Races, Long Jump, Football Toss, Big Ball Push, Frisbee Toss, Beat the Oldie Goalie, and the waterslide. And as has been the tradition for 30 years, all participants received free t-shirts, hot dogs, refreshments, and Olympic Medals.  Those who placed in the races also received trophies.

Ken Shirreffs, President of the Pelham Civics, added, "We are proud to say that this is our 30th consecutive year of sponsoring this wonderful event. Once again, our members - led by Chair Scott Brown - spearheaded a well-organized day for the kids of Pelham. The success is largely due to the teamwork of ALL the volunteers, including parents and older students who are not Pelham Civic members...but hopefully will be, soon!"