Pelham Civics Community Awards!

For the 28th consecutive year, on May 31, 2017, at the Pelham Memorial Middle School Gym, the Pelham Civic Association presented their Community Awards to four local high school students who demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation in the areas of community service, charitable support, civic leadership, and creativity in service. 

According to the Pelham Civic Scholarship Committee Co-Chairman Michael Ming, "These hallmarks make up the very culture of our organization and are the traits valued and recognized by the Pelham Civic Association members in whose name these awards are given. Our intent is to recognize students who not only excel academically but also volunteer their time and talent to worthwhile causes… particular to those in need.”

The 2017 Pelham Civic Awards and Winners included:

The Vincent J. Lopardi Community Service Award to Michael Kakos.
Mr. Lopardi (1904-1994) was one of the founding fathers of the Pelham Civic Association, serving two separate terms as president. He was a living monument of community pride and unselfish support to his neighbors. Appropriately, a $10,000 award is presented to a graduating high school senior residing in Pelham, who best exemplifies the same civic pride and community spirit.

The Camillo J. D'Urso Charitable Support Award to Nicholas Clausen.
Mr. D'Urso (1929-1986) was a Pelham Civic Association member for almost 20 years, donating countless hours and financial help to charitable causes. As chairman of D'Urso supermarkets and president of Key Food Stores Co-operative, he was the recipient of many humanitarian awards. To perpetuate the memory of his membership in our association, $8,000 will be presented to a high school, college or graduate student who resides in Pelham, and who best exemplifies leadership and support in charitable work.

The Joseph L. Nunziata Award for Creativity and Service to Jonathan Salama.
This award is named for a current member. Mr. Nunziata uses his creative talents in many ways, both locally and nationally. He created a Memorial Day brochure that earned him national recognition and a nomination for a "National Point of Light" from former President George H. Bush. He was named the Pelham Civic Association Man of the Year in 1998. The Joseph L. Nunziata award is an award for Creativity and Service and recognizes a student for outstanding spirit and imagination and artistic talent used in the service of the community. The award is in the amount of $2,500.

The Philip J. Colicchio Award for Leadership to Saul Glist is also named for a current member. Mr. Colicchio is a man who personifies the virtues of effective leadership. He devotes boundless energy and time to the community and inspires those who work with him to give their best efforts. The Pelham Civic Association honored him in 1995 by naming him Man of the Year and in 2003 the United Way of Pelham named him as their Man of the Year. The Philip J. Colicchio Award for Leadership is presented each year to the incoming PMHS president of the student association. The award is in the amount of $1,000.

PHOTO Captions:

(Left to Right)

Darrell Walsh, Pelham Civic Community Awards Co-Chair
Saul Glist , Philip J. Colicchio Award Recipient
Michael Kakos , Vincent J. LoPardi Award Recipient
Joe Benefico , Pelham Civic Chairman of the Board
Michael Ming, Co-Chair Pelham Civic Community Awards
Mark D’Urso, Pelham Civic Member
Nicholas Clausen,, Camillo J. D’Urso Award Recipient
Joe Nunziata , Pelham Civic Communications Officer
Jonathan Salama , Joseph L. Nunziata Award Recipient